Balanced Scorecard

What is a Balanced Scorecard and how can it assist your business?

The Balanced Scorecard is a strategic management system that enables a business to track its impact beyond financial measures and plan activities to achieve strategic visions.

At The Art of Creative Strategy, we apply this to your business to ensure all elements are simultaneous and contribute to your vision.

The balanced scorecards four elements bind short-term activities to long-term objectives: 

  1. Customers – We review customer satisfaction and open dialogue for customers to share their thoughts and provide feedback

  1. Finances – The discipline of creating a balanced score-card will allow your organisation to integrate strategic planning and budgeting.

  1. Learning and Growth – The balanced scorecard helps an organisation foster a kind of learning often missing in companies: the ability to reflect and adjust. We assess your business set up and how we can target growth moving forward. 

  1. Processes – We contribute to businesses being able to improve their operations in a way that gives back to their community and the circular economy 

Chart with 4 quadrants (customers, finances, learning and growth, processes)