We provide the following services to Community Groups:

Strategic Planning

Many community and non-profit organizations do not undertake the important process of strategic planning.  Reasons vary but include:

  • beliefs that undertaking strategic planning will take too much time;
  • not understanding how to do strategic planning;
  • And thoughts along the lines of strategic planning is only for large corporations.

Strategic planning does not have to be a difficult or time consuming process.  In fact going through the process of strategic planning can enable a non-profit organization to discover insights into the organization, its processes, people and clients or members.

Benefits of Strategic Planning

For community and non-profit organizations the process of strategic planning has many benefits including gaining understanding of the current state of the organization, providing an opportunity for new ideas to surface and identifying potential opportunities and strategic alliances.   The strategic planning process can also be used as a team building exercise and an opportunity to increase engagement of staff, members and clients in the organization’s future.

Organisational Culture

An organisation’s strategic objective is the destination.  Organisational culture is the transport we take to get to the destination.  There is no one size fits all when it comes to creating a great organisational culture.  The Art of Creative Strategy can evaluate your current culture and develop programs to enable stakeholders to feel as they belong in your organisation.  

Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder engagement practices provide an opportunity for organisations to consult with stakeholders from the community in order to understand how the business operations impact the community.  The Art of Creative Strategy can support your stakeholder engagement by facilitating stakeholder mapping and analysis, developing passive and active stakeholder involvement strategies and programs and evaluation of current activities. 

Policy and Procedure Development

Policy and procedures are important for a number of reasons beyond regulatory requirements.  They are a tool that can support the development of organisational culture, improve job satisfaction and reduce administrative burdens.  The Art of Creative Strategy is experienced in developing policy and procedures for operations, human resources, finance and governance.  

Board Evaluation and Governance Support

We provide governance review services and support to Management Committees and Boards.  


We offer workshops and in-house training.  Our training is tailored to the needs of your organisation.  

Data Driven Strategy

Data driven strategy can improve your business decision making. Data can be obtained both internally (customer data, sales data, marketing data) and externally (demographic and industry statistics). It is vital to follow a process:
• Identify the data needed for the decision
• Decide on benchmarks
• Collate the data and benchmarks
• Use the Data as a tool to aid decision making

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